Milan is the city that was founded in the sixth-fifth century before Christ by Gallic people. But in the year two hundred twenty three before Christ the city was conquered by the Romans, and its name was changed into Mediolanum, that means “The one in the Middle”. The Ambrosia picture gallery is a building that consists of twenty four rooms, where you can find paintings made by such artists as Botticelli, Titian, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Breughel and others people of art. Piazza Del Demo – is the Cathedral Square – and it is also the main square in this town.


In the center of the city is located a monument to the King Vittorio Emmanuelle the second, which foundation was dedicated to the entry of Piedmont troops, together with the allied French troops at Milan. Duomo Cathedral – is the fourth largest in the world. The cathedral was built since fourteenth century. Inside the temple is situated a golden statue of the patroness of Milan – La Madonna. Santa Maria dell Grazie – Church remained from the Renaissance. Inside the church there is a famous fresco made by Leonardo da Vinci’ which is called the “Last Supper”. Basilica of Santa ‘Ambrosia –is the second only according to the significance of the temple. And it was built by Saint Ambrose in the year three hundred seventy nine.

There are a lot of restaurants to visit in Milano, for example- Bice –which is a restaurant situated in the neighborhood of fashion boutiques, which offers excellent an excellent Tuscan cuisine. It was opened in the year one thousand nine hundred twenty two and it is a beloved place of meeting for fashion designers. Orient Express –is an institution, which was made in style of the famous Orient Express, written by Agatha Christie.


In Milan the most convenient way to get around the city is metro of course, because it is the most comfortable option. It has a few main branches, that every five minutes. But except this kind of transport there are also buses and trams.

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