France – is the country that gave birth to so many beautiful works of art, to fashion and to champagne, not to mention cognac and of course it would have been a great sin not to mention perfumes. France is the birthplace of great historical personalities, such as Napoleon and Edith Piaf, three musketeers, and the troubadours (who were the poets that were singing ode’s to love and romantics). Also it is known all over the world, that French cuisine is considered as the best and most aristocratic in the world. The first balloon that flew in the sky with people was invented in France, but not a lot of people know about that. The first movie was also invented in France, by Lumiere brothers. And the first Gothic Cathedrals were invented in France as well.

The face of many cities in the world was created while being influenced by the ideas that were born in this great and wonderful country. There are a lot of wonderful places in Paris, it would be a great sin, to be in this romantic city without visiting all of them – The Louvre (it is one of the greatest museums in the world), Triumph Arch (it’s a real masterpiece), Champs Elysees (an amazing beauty), Champs de Mars, Eiffel Tower (the most romantic place in the world), Trocadéro, and La Defense – which is a super modern area of ​​Paris. In Paris, there are a number of places that linked with the names of famous Russian people. You can visit the Russian cemetery Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois.


The heart of Paris is considered to be the Cite Island – also it is the place where it was first founded a long time ago. The most famous place of the island is Notre Dame de Paris, where Napoleon and many other members of royal families after his death, were crowned, also  here it is situated the  16-ton bell, the one that used to beat Quasimodo – the hero of the novel by Victor Hugo. From the towers of the cathedral we can see an amazingly beautiful and breathtaking view of Paris.


The place where a long time ago it was very colorful described the Paris market which is called the “Belly of Paris, on the pages of Emil Zola novel, nowadays it is situated a super modern mall “Forum de Hales”. The Vosges Square which is situates in the Mans block is considered as the most beautiful area in Paris. It was named in the honor of the first French Department which paid the bills in the year one thousand eight hundreds. Today this square is one of the most favorite places for walking by local citizens. Not far away of this place it is situated the Pablo Picasso museum and the museum-house of Victor Hugo.

Montmartre – is known throughout the whole world as the place where artists and musicians are gathering. This is the highest hill in Paris; its peak is surrounded by a white stone basilica “Sacre Coeur”

The Louvre museum – In France, is worth visited at least for one of the greatest world’s treasures, here you can see with your own eyes such real masterpieces as Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and Venus de Milo statue.

Also it is very interesting to visit Versailles – it is the city that is well known to all of us due to the literary works where it was described the life of French kings, and it would be just wonderful to admire the real masterpiece of landscape architecture – the famous Versailles Park.


Loire –is the longest river in France. Along the picturesque shores of it, were built great looking castles, like for example: Amboise, Chambord, Clemenceau, and other residences of French kings and noble lords. Aqua Boulevard – is a complex where are gathered a large number of water rides and a huge swimming pool under a glass dome, which gives an impression like you are inside some Barbie doll house.

The Disneyland in Paris – is a real tourist center with hotels, each of which opens up their own world of wonderful fairy tale, with lake, golf, and even its own railway station. There is a huge variety of things to do for entertainment in Disney such as – restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, concerts and performances. Life here doesn’t ever stop until late at night. There is a entire world of all possibly existing kinds of entertainment here, that of course will suit all tastes and all ages. Disneyland Park is opened from nine or ten in the morning till eight or eleven in the evening it depends of the season.

The Disneyland in Paris is the biggest amusement park in the whole Europe. It is a huge pleasure to arrive in the park for all kinds of ages. Walt Disney was saying that once when he was sitting in the park, while eating peanuts, he looked at his two wonderful young daughters that were riding the Carousel and happily smiling. That was exactly the historical moment when he was visited by inspiration that made him creating a wonderful dream world.

He was dreaming while sitting alone in a corner, not quite understanding the feelings of joy of his little girls, and he came to an idea that “it is necessary to invent something like a family park where the parents and children could have fun together.” Before he began managing this  new project, Walt Disney and his team examined all of the amusement parks, in order to realize  how to do and how not to. He was stating that “Our Park should not have anything in common with all of the parks that already existed”.  In his vision the park was supposed to have only one entrance. And the park itself was conceived as a scenario for a comic book or as a movie, logical and dynamic, and its attractions to be unique in the world.

Disneyland is so immense that you not have enough time in order  to get around all its territory  and in order to visit all the attractions situated in it during one day, that is one of the reasons why  the tickets here are sold as per one day as per several days. Disneyland Resort –is a complex that consists of the most famous cabaret in Paris (“Crazy Horse” – are the most beautiful and erotic dancers from all around the world).  Latin Paradise –is a beautiful show which is designed according to the style of a sweet France in the early nineteenth century. Moulin Rouge – the most famous classic cabaret and a real can-can. Lido – is an American show, which amazes with gorgeous costumes and incredible stunts. As a rule, there are shown two performances each evening.

Cote d’Azur – is famous in the whole world due to the splendor of its hotels, luxurious yachts and beautiful landscapes. Also this city has inherited some of the Italian aroma – The Nice neighborhood which was annexed by France only by the middle of the XIX century. Here are joined the traditions of Provence county, as well as we should not forget about the Monaco, which is located under French Protectorate. Cote d’Azur comprises approximately one hundred twenty kilometers of beautiful beaches, wonderful bays and parks. The charm of sea nature, mild climate, French and Italian chic gathered together famed Nice, Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez, and Cannes and made all the Côte d’Azur region one of the most prestigious seaside resorts in the world.

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