The Sahara

  • The desert of Sahara is the biggest desert on the earth, and also it is the hottest desert in the world, its area is nine million square kilometers.
  • Sahara covers such countries as Chad Republic, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Sudan, Tunisia and West Sahara.
  • The history of the desert started over three million years ago.
  • This huge desert comprises two types of climate: tropical and subtropical.
  • From the geographical point of view, Sahara is quite rocky. It comprises underground rivers which from time to time come on the earth while creating oasis.
  • The highest peak in Sahara is the mountain Emy Kouso, it’s height is 3415 meters
  • It may sound weird, but the peaks in the desert are covered with snow in the winter time. The Eastern part of Sahara-is the Libyan Desert which has dry climate and a few oasis.
  • Its population is only about two million people, and it is all due to the lack of rains.
  • In the desert there is an old city Thidykelt, which haven’t received any drop of rain for the last ten years.
  • The average temperature in Sahara is 30 Celsius, and the maximum is about 50 Celsius, in the winter time the temperature falls below zero. That is why only a few types of animals survive in desert, such as camels, desert snakes, scorpions.

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