The Naples

The Naples was found by the ancient Greeks in the eighth century before Christ. Approximately in the year three hundred twenty seven the town ​​was captured by the Romans. After the Roman Empire has collapsed, the city passed from province to province from the Norman Sicily to Charles of Anjou and from one royal family to another form the Habsburgs, to the Bourbons, Napoleon.


In the year one thousand eight hundreds sixty Naples has became a part of Italy. There are a lot of places of interest situated in Naples, like for example the National Museum- it was found in the eighteenth century. This is one of the largest museums of ancient art in Italy. First floor – comprises ancient sculptures, between the first and second floors you can find the mosaics from Pompeii. Piazza Del Plebiscite -is one of the main city’s squares. Here are located the Cathedral of St. Francis, built in honor of the victory over Napoleon and the Royal Palace, which was built in the year one thousand six hundreds for the Spanish king.  The Cathedral of San Gennaro – is the oldest one in the city it was built approximately in the thirteen century!  In this Cathedral is stored a significant relic – the remains of the blood of the Christian martyr. Castel dell’Ovo – is located on a small island of volcanic origin and is a monument of ancient Roman architecture.


Pizza Fest – is an annual festival of pizza, where the best chefs compete in cooking this wonderful Italian dish. Each year in May here takes place the Festival of monuments.  Nightlife in Naples boils at Piazza dei Martiri, Piazza Amado and the Piazza San Pasquale. The best clubs in town are located on San Pasquale di Chiaia, Lungomare Mergellina and Piazza Sannazzaro. The best pasta in Naples is in the Da Umberto restaurant. A very delicious coffee is served in the Neapolitan Bar Mexico. The best place for shopping is the Gallery Umberto, whose construction was finished in the year one thousand eight hundred ninety. Also here are a plenty of trendy boutiques and souvenir shops. At San Gregorio is located the famous is flea market.

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