The most interesting facts about Egypt

  • The only river that flows in Egypt is Nile. Nile divides Egypt into two different parts: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.
  • Almost 90 percent of Egypt territories are desert!
  • On the territory of the “nowadays” Egypt, people can find unique, mineral, hot waters, that are known throughout the whole world for their curing effects, and they are called “the pharaohs baths”.
  • Egyptians believe that “knowledge came from Egypt”, that motherhood of science. The time when the powerful Nile will release its waters, they were seeing in the sky, by the way the stars looked. On this basis Egypt people found 12 zodiac signs, divided the year on three hundred sixty five days, and on this basis they found that the duration of the day is twenty four hours.
  • Egyptians were the discoverers of glass and its abilities, which were based on the knowing and understanding of chemical processes. The word chemistry came from the name that Egyptians gave to their country.
  • Egyptians were the first people who started wearing wigs.
  • The first people whom described human’s brain were once again Egyptians.
  • More than four thousand years ago ancient Egyptians knew how to diagnose some disease by measuring the pulse.


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