The Ancient Egypt’s myths.

The myths of the ancient Egypt, are treasuring people’s abilities, they are demanding the person to unite with nature, to accept the wise order of the things, and subject to it, without trying to change anything, as any changes would be only for the worse.

The ancient Egyptians believed in a lot of gods, all their Gods were having different names, and some of them had different names according to the time of the day.

The exact quantity of gods that were created by Egyptians in the antiquity is not known till our time, but some scientists think that the number was closer to thousands.

Their Gods were the reason for all natural events, and also Egyptians cherished trees and bushes as some of their Gods.

But also they had one God without name that was the most important to them, the servants of churches were describing him as “the one who exists on his own”, and “the primary source of existence. “

Everything in the nature was taken by Egyptians as a sign of God: the earth, the sky, the sun, the stars, the mountains, the rivers, the flows, and the trees!!

For the majority of Gods where wasn’t a specific way they were drawn by Egyptians, on some pictures, they were made as human with some animal’s head, and on the others they were looking as half animal, half person.


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