Thailand’s history is very rich and unique, as a prove serve a lot of historical places of interest, which you can find in any part of the country. Capital of Thailand is Bangkok, which is a very interesting and multinational city. Local people joke, that Thailand is such a interesting country, that even if you will find out something new each day about this country, still even a hundred of years will be not enough, in order to know at least twenty percent of all secrets this country has.

The first impression of nowadays Bangkok is captivating, and it makes a person to experience some weird and contrast feelings. High ultramodern sky scratches, which are built of glass and marble, and at the same time miserable little houses made of bamboo trees. Luxurious castles and cathedrals, which are sparkling with millions of little mirrors, wealthy, European style and at the same time poverty;  narrow  downtown streets and high speed modern escalades on the height that varies from fifteen to thirty meters above the ground level, huge rows of cars whom are pressing on signal, big quantity of police officers, elephants and Buddha monks dressed in oranges clothes, fruits in a huge quantity and variety, the nice and bright aroma of species, wonderful and tempting lobsters, oysters, rapines, snails and calamari which are here and there on all the markets lying on the tables on ice. All those things to see, makes a significant impression upon a person. Especially seeing how all those delicious things are prepared right in front of the person, within a few minutes. Thailand is famous throughout the whole world due to its cheap but of the best quality seafood.

The most visited sights of Bangkok are : the fairytale Emerald Buddha Cathedral and the big royal Castle, the Sunset Temple, The Sleeping Buddha Temple, The Temple of Golden Hill, The Marble Temple, the Veeman Mek castle-which was the favorite residence of king Ramie the Fifth (1868-1910) and the biggest building made of so called “golden” teak  tree, the exotic royal ships; the snake farm of Paster university where the venin snakes are being grown, from their vein scientists produce different types of medicines; the house-museum of Jim Thompson where you can find a rare collection of Asian masterpieces, San Pakkad castle designed with middle-aged pictures made of golden leaves, the biggest in the world crocodile farm, museum under a open sky- the Ancient city, which has the dimensions of approximately two hundred acres, the rest complexes as well as health centers, local hand made things and of course we should mention the variety of dishes that Thai cuisine can offer, and the last factor but not less important is of course famous Thai nightlife.

thailand buddha temple

The Royal castle was built in 1782 by king of Thailand Rama the first one; this is one of the most visited places by tourists. The castle represents itself a huge complex with royal residence, temples, famous library and the storehouses of ex kings. The most famous is the Emerald Buddha Temple where it is kept the national treasure- Buddha which was made from nephrite. The craftsmanship of Thai sculptors and painters can bring you to a delight mood.

The Pink Garden is a tropical park and country club outside the urban city area, and is situated near a river within a hour driving from Bangkok. On its territory is situated a golf area, and are some great conditions for living. Nearby there is a Thai village, there you can become a witness for a Thai marriage ceremony, and there you can see local dances and Buddha initialization, and also here you can see the elephants show. The walk by boat on the Bangkok channels (which are known as  “East Venice’, also on the way near the shore you may see one of the most important places of interest in  Thailand, you may see the Sunset Temple which is a Temple of n exquisite Beauty which is one hundred twenty six meters height. The name of this temple comes from the Indian goddess of Sunrise Arun.

Jim Thompson was one of the most mysterious personalities in the history of Thailand. Jim Thompson was a American who became rich in the fifties, of the twentieth century, while he made the Thai silk industry to prosper, while making it famous throughout the whole world. In 1959 he decided to move some old Thai houses and buildings of eighteen-nineteen century to Bangkok from provinces, by creating a complex. After some time, he brought his collection of antiques into this complex. In 1967 Jim Thompson disappeared during his walk in Malaysia jungle, since than no one has ever seen him.

The Sky castle was the favorite residence of King Chulalongkorn, and is considered as the biggest building made of teak in the world till nowadays. In this castle are kept a lot of national treasures that belong to the royal family.

Ayutthaya is an ancient city, and it is the ex capital of Thailand (1350-1767), is situated in eighty kilometers from Bangkok. Till the collapse of Ayutthaya there were four hundred of temples, three castles and twelve kilometers of a fortress wall, seventeen fortresses and one hundred of city gates. This city got its name of “Eastern Venice”.


The Ancient temples that can be seen all around the Ayutthaya are considered as monuments of culture on the international level. Vet Pharr Si Sunphet temple (fourteen century) enters this list as the biggest temple in the city, in which a long time ago was the sixteen meters high Buddha statue, which was covered with two hundred fifty kilos of gold. Unfortunately Burma’s invaders considered that it was normal to destroy this sculpture. Another temple which looks like fortress, stayed still since 1767, and has wonderful handmade walls and six meters high statue of sitting Buddha with a crown which was brought from the Ceylon Island, and has one thousand three hundred years.  In another temple, there is a nineteen meters high statue of Buddha, and the name of the temple is Buddha Temple as well. The restored Elephants Kraal is a release for those who got tired of visiting various temples. It is a huge made of tree construction, made from teak was used as a place for keeping elephants a long time ago. The king had a special pavilion on the top of it inn order to have the opportunity to watch the wonderful sight.

The ex capital was by all means a wonderful city, in which Spanish, Portuguese, French, English , Chinese and Japanese traders were trying to penetrate. By the end of the seventeenth century the population of Ayutthaya was approximately about a million of citizens, and practically each visitor whom was coming into this city, stated that it is the most amazing town they had ever seen in their lives.

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