Shree- Lanka

Adam’s Peak (its height is two thousands two hundred forty three meters) is a saint mountain in Shree-Lanka; the rock keeps Buddha’s footsteps; Zooba’s temple in Cando (it is considered to be as the Buddha’s tooth), Anuradhapura (it is a antic royal city of the eleventh century; the Bo tree (it is the tree under which shadow Buddha was usually resting), Rouvanvelicea Dagoba (great ship). Museum with historical artifacts in Colombo, Cando, Ratnapura, Anuradhapura, Galle, Trincommale.

Colombo (it is a fort) and it is considered to be as the old part of the city; Presidential Palace, mosque Yummy-uli-Affa. In Condi the most visited places for interest are: Royal Botanical garden, castle of the last Condi’s king, elephant’s nursery.

Pinnavella is situated in forty five minutes drive from Condi. Pollonnaruva: royal palace with huge Buddha’s statues. Anuradhapura (ancient royal town of the eleventh century): Buddha’s relict Rouvanvelicea Dagoba-huge ship.

Sigiriya means Lion’s Mountain- it is a huge monolith with a fortress on its peak.

First you should start with the cradle of Buddhism- from the city Anuradhapura (which was found approximately in the fourth century before Christ.  Here the Bo tree grows that came out of a small plant that was blessed by Buddha. The Pollunaruva city (twelve century) is famous due to its unique architecture and wonderful temples. You can visit the charming Condi city high in the mountains; this city is famous due to its colonial complex buildings and handcraft markets. Here is situated the famous Teeth Buddha temple, where as the legends says is kept Buddha’s teeth.


It is worth visiting Novara Eli, which is a British village, that hasn’t changed at all from the colonial times. You can climb to the famous fortress on Sigiriya. Also it is very interesting to visit tea plantations and the “elephant’s kinder garden” which is situated nearby Colombo. After that you can go to a captivating safari.

Dam bulla’s Cave Temple.

The main place of interest in the central part of the island is considered to be Buddha’s Monastery that was built approximately one century before Christ; it was built in a rock with lots of Buddha’s sculptures. The temple is designed with paintings on the walls that are telling us about the history of Shree Lanka. Here it is situated the biggest Buddha statue collections, a lot of them are much older than two thousand of years. In twelve century the temple was renovated and seventy three Buddha’s statues were covered with gold, after that this temple changed its name into “Golden Cave Temple”. It is situated on the peak of the mountain, which is all drowning in green grass and forest, where live monkeys in significant quantity. This interesting thing brings a lot of joy to tourists that are climbing to the temple.

srilanka bentota

The botanical garden.

In Condi’s suburbs- Peradenia it is situated the greatest botanical garden in Asia, and it is one of the most beautiful tropical gardens in the world. The history of this garden starts in one thousand three hundred seventy first year, when the members of royal family decided to move the castle to Neradenia. In the gardens that were situated here, the kings were walking with great pleasure. Afterwards in (1747-1780) this garden was renamed into Royal.

The geographical situation is increasing the quantity of plants around. Here the flora is represented by the all tropical world; there are a few thousand kinds of orchids here only. In the nature land is an amazing palm alley, double coconut tree, a huge umbrella tree, fugue tree and also about three thousands of plant and tree kinds. In order to leave a memory about a person’s visit to Shree Lanka a lot of famous visitors planted a tree in the garden. Today this garden is known all over the world, as due to its history, as due to its plants collection.


Sigiriya is a picturesque mountain, and it is also the ruins of the fifth century’s castle, which is situated in the central part of the island. In the fifth century king Casapa, while being afraid of his brother’s chasing; have chosen the Sigiriya Mountain for building a fortress. Here was built an amazing town, which was surrounded by swimming pools, gardens and fountains. During approximately twenty centuries, here was situated a Buddha’s monastery with cave temples, gardens and rivers. Today Sigiriya is mostly known with its gallery of art paintings, which is showing a procession of half dressed women that are like floating in the air. The “Mirror Wall” that is right after the gallery, is all covered with writings that describing the beauty of those women. The height of the rock is approximately two hundred meters. On its peak there was a castle with halls and theater, terraces and swimming pools. Today there are only ruins left of this castle. The stairs to the mountain are the most amazing ones in the world, where the stairs are made between the paws, throat and teeth of Lion which is giant in his dimensions. And the king’s throne was luckily well kept till nowadays.

In order to climb the rock, it is needed to walk through narrow stairs, and after to puss a hanged above rock bridge. And local citizens are using this bridge without any sense of fear. Also they are making jokes upon tourists stimulating them to pass the bridge, after they offer their help, but at the other way of the bridge, they require money from the poor terrified tourists for their help.


The Elephant’s nursery.

Elephants play a significant role in the life of the country. That is why in one thousand nine hundred seventy fifth year in Pinnavella was found a state elephant’s nursery. Here are being brought little elephant’s whom remained without their parents due to hunters, or due to getting lost. Here the little elephants receive some knowledge’s after which some of them are sent to the zoo, and the others are kept for work in Ceylon. The youngest elephants there are approximately of four months. In the nursery you will be offered a unique possibility to watch those cute animals from a very small distance, and if you will be lucky enough to see how the smallest of them are being fed with a bottle of milk.

The garden of Species.

From the ancient times Shree Lanka is being famous due to its species, such as: vanilla, pepper, cardamom and many, many others, which are being grown in small farms on the big territories of this amazing country. From the ancient time, the wonderful smell of species was making people to come here; especially it was popular between Portuguese, Hollanders and British people. Nowadays the species that are being grown on the island are being used in medicine, cosmetics, food industry and also they are being exported into all the world’s countries.

The Turtle Farm.

From the antiquity time, turtles were choosing Ceylon as the place for giving birth to their next generation. From 8 types of sea turtles, 5 are multiplexing in the coast sand zones. Females are getting out of the sea approximately three-four times per year, in order to put their eggs into the sand, while the masculine’s never get out from the water. The turtles live approximately one hundred years, and they are able to reproduction approximately twenty five years. By some sort of instinct or so called ‘sixth feeling” the turtles put their eggs exactly in the places they were born. If on the place they were putting eggs before a hotel was built, or some tourist resort, the turtles will throw their eggs into the ocean, there most likely those will die, but they will never put eggs in some other place on the coast. All of those five kinds of turtles are being secured by law.

Lately Shree-Lanka became one of the most visited places by tourists. Tourists are being attracted due to its rich history from one side, the atmosphere of complete simplicity and hospitality of local people, and by crystal clean Indian Ocean around, and sandy beaches. It is said that even one lifetime will not be enough in order to discover all the interesting things this country has.

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