Victoria on the Mache Island is one of the smallest capitals in the world, and the only big harbor on the Seychelles islands. Also it is the only town on Seychelles; all the other places are mostly rural areas. The tribunal and the post office building stayed unchanged from the colonial times.

The central streets were completely restored over the last twenty years, what made the city look modern and clean. There are a few old buildings shops in the center of the city, but unfortunately it is not enough in order to make the city valuable from the historical point of view.

Anse Lazio.

Practically it is the best beach not only on the Praslin, but in the entire country. It is situated on the far north beach of the island. On the beach there is wonderful white, soft sand, and from time to time you can meet some marble stones that become round due to the water influence upon them. Here the waves are always big, and the water has magic light blue color.


In the end of the beach there is a special area designed for diving and snorkeling practices. Also there is a wonderful seafood restaurant there.  Beaches closer to the east of Lazio are defended by reefs, which are creating an effect of a huge artificial bath- it is not deep there, but it is warm and safe.

The best places to see of Cousin Island.

This island is situated in two kilometers from the south-west of Praslin coast and since 1968 it is a nature land defended by government, also it is the motherland for a few disappearing species of animals, and also it is the place there turtles and some sea birds are hiding their eggs. It is an amazing feeling to walk in a deep tropical forest and to see a new very bright bird on each tree.

Birds are not paying any attention to people who are walking and admiring them. The rarest bird is the raspberry singing bird and magpie; here you can also find a white tale tropical bird, which is an emblem of Seychelles. The island is also motherland for a two very old species of turtles: George and Georgina.

The best places to see in the Valley de Mai.

Make a tour to the Valley de Mai on the Praslin, there the biggest concentration of coconut trees on the Seychelles is.  There are approximately 4000 of coco de mer. The prehistorically forest of this valley is included in the World Legacy list of UNESCO and is very fragile.


The sun light comes through the trees and gives life to orange trees, which are growing in the lower part of the island. Other interesting plants on the island are-wild pineapple, wild coffee and pink bushes. While walking in this forest you should be very careful in order to miss the black parrot which lives only in this small part of the world.

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