Seven World wonders

There are a lot of lists of world wonders that were made since antic time and till nowadays, but only two of them are accepted as the original seven wonders of the ancient world. The ones that were considered as the original ones for ages. And the second list, which is called “the seven new world wonders.  This new list was made according to the researches and people votes.

Greece always was known as the country there the wisest people lived, and of course Greek historians were the first historians that made the first veridical list of wonderers.

  • The Pyramids of Egypt that comprise three Pyramids, at Giza, within the borders of the modern Cairo. The biggest pyramid is considered The Cheops pyramid, which was named this way, in the honor of the king who gave orders this pyramid to be built. The most interesting fact , that by the way cannot be explained by scientists till nowadays, is how ancient Egyptians were moving those big sides of pyramid, without using any machines. As in that period of time (the estimated time of completion is 2680 b.c.) there were no machines. One of the hypotheses is that they were helped by cosmos.
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which is also called “The Hanging Gardens of Semiramis”, as they were built by Nebuchadnezzar, as a present for his queen Semiramis. Unfortunately those gardens haven’t survived till nowadays.
  • The statue of Zeus at Olympia, which was made my Greek sculpture Phidias in the 5th century b.c. This statue was made of gold and ivory. Later the reproduction of this sculpture was used in the coins production.
  • The Colossus at Rhodes is the masterpiece of the sculptor Chares, who worked on it for more than twelve years, and unfortunately this statue was destroyed during an earthquake in 224 b.c. This statue was made of bronze about 105 ft high.
  • The Lighthouse of Alexandria, was built by Sostratus, on the Pharos Island during the 3rd century b.c. Unfortunately the Lighthouse was destroyed by a earthquake in the 13th century. It was considered as a Holy Light, as it saved a lot of ships from being shipwrecked.
  • The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was built by the order of Queen Artemis, in the memory of her beloved husband. Some remains of its structure are kept till nowadays, in the British Museum.
  • And the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in the honor whose name was Artemis as well (the Greek Goddess).

Seven New Wonders.

  • The Great Wall of China, was built in the 7th century b.c. as a fortification system which was meant to protect from guns and other tribes of barbarians. This wall was constructed hundreds of years, and it has almost seven kilometers length.
  • Also a masterpiece and as a result a world wonder is considered Petra, which is the ancient capital of Jordan. It was built during the kingdom ship of King Arêtes. Nowadays only pink ruins remind us of its existence.
  • The Statue of Christ in Brazil is it situated on the top of a mountain above Rio de Janeiro. This statue was made during five long years by a French sculptor Paul Landowski.
  • Machu Pichu in Peru, is a city of clouds, that was built 8000 feet above the sea level, in the 15th century by Incan Emperor Pachacutec. This city was discovered in 1911.
  • Pyramid of Chichen Itza in Mexico. This masterpiece was the center of Mayan civilization; it is still visible nowadays, as the Pyramid Kukulkan.
  • The Roman Coliseum in Italy-is a giant amphitheater, which is known all over the world. Also it is known as the center of Roman culture, and still exists nowadays.
  • Also Taj Mahal in India is considered as the world’s miracle. It was built in 1630, by aggrieving emperor, in honor of his beloved wife that died in a young age. This structure combines 3 significant styles, such as: Indian, Persian and Islamic. It was built of white marble, and looks perfect till nowadays.


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