Morocco is an amazing Arabian country on the territory of which there is a significant variety of places of interest. In Morocco were kept a lot of wonderful buildings of the eighteen century, also in Morocco you can find monuments of modern art and sculpture. Here you can find green oasis’s, that look like a small spots of Paradise in a huge desert.

The town Agadir, is famous throughout the whole world due to its ancient monuments of architecture and rich legacy of antiquity. The most interesting place for excursions is considered Agadira harbor- this is the place that is prospering by all the means of this word, due to the rich fishing, on the Morocco coast of Atlantic Ocean. Agadir is also famous due to its historical fortress, which is called “Casbee”. After the earthquake in 1960, only the gates and walls got left from it. A long time ago Netherlands had their trade mission here. Above the gates you can still find the writing that says “be afraid of God and cherish your King 1746”. From the Casbee wall you can see a wonderful view upon the harbor, city, and the beach coast, the Su Valley and Antiatlas mountains. From the northern part you can find the highest peaks of High Atlas.


In Casablanca it is a advice to visit one of the most breathtaking places of interest , that every person needs to see- it is Hassan’s mosque, the highest building in the city. Higher than this mosque is only the mosque, in Mecca. Also it is the only mosque in the world that it is premised the entry for people who are not Muslims for the price of ten dollars. It is worthy to visit it, as it is a high and great building. In the night time from the top of the mosque, laser sun shows the way. Also in this block you can find a luxurious building Mahama di Pasha-it is a castle of Right, and all the government issues are solved there. Also you should visit the Nottre Dame de Lurde church, which is a marble monument.

Between the Marrakesh places of interest a special place is taken by mosques. The highest mosque in Marrakesh is called Kutubia, it is a symbol of Marrakesh, same as Turn de Eifel, is a symbol of Paris. It is seventy meters high and it can be seen a few miles before entering the city. It was built according to typical mauritano-spanish style. The mosque was built in the eleventh century by Almohads, and was reconstructed after by Almarovids in the twelve century.

Rabat is the place that will amaze your imagination with one of the most exquisite monuments- the tower which stayed unfinished in the Tour Hasan mosque, its height is approximately sixty-nine meters. Also an interesting place to see on the Medina is the Kasbah fortress which was built in the seventeenth century. Not far away from it there is the King’s residence. Each Friday the King goes to the mosque Jaama Ahel Fez for a pray.


In Fes you can see about eight hundred of mosques, but the main of them is considered to be Karauin. This is the biggest mosque in the North Africa, and during the religious holidays, here can enter twenty two thousands of people. Till nowadays to the ancient Arabian university karauin come to study young people from Libya, Algeria and Sudan, here a lot of morocco politicians got their degree.

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