Male is the capital of the Maldives islands, but also it is a commercial and administrative center. This is the most popular and vivid island from the Maldives archipelago. Male is the only location that in a way or another might be called town. In the capital you can find everything that a regular oriental city has: mosques, market, a lot of souvenir shops, little café’s with exotic cuisine. Here no one will ever be able to find some sky scratches like in Malaysia (Kuala-Lumpur), or any other types of high buildings, but there are a lot of bikes, significantly more than automobiles.

In the capital you can visit National Museum, Sultan’s Park, The mosque of Great Friday and the Islam center. The Singapore market will amaze you with a variety of handicraft things and different Maldivian little things. A trip to the fisher’s village will help you to get a better image about the life of local people, about their customs and traditions. The main thing that locals do is- tree crafting and stone crafting, carpentry, and production of jewels which are very widespread on all of the islands. And you will certainly get some nice and unusual souvenirs here, which will live wonderful memories to you about the fairy tale in Maldives.


Atoll Male

The main atoll of Maldivian islands that includes the capital of the country- Male. The length of it is sixty nine kilometers and its length is thirty nine kilometers. The northern Male atoll consists of fifty islands and a few little islands. Here you will meet white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, and cozy atmosphere.

Atoll Ado

Atoll Ado is situated in about two hundred ninety eight miles from the international airport Hulule and the capital of Maldives. It is the southern atoll of Maldivian archipelago (it is situated to the south from Equator). On the island there are highly developed communications, and also roads. Gun Island is completely different from all the other islands of Maldivian archipelago. As it is the biggest island of Ado atoll (it is five kilometers in length, and three kilometers in width), the island is covered with deep bushes, palms, and banana plantations.

maldives house

On the bike you can visit also four of the neighborhood islands (their dimensions are almost the same as Gun’s and they are connected with Gun by bridges on the road which length is approximately twenty kilometers. On each of those islands you can find great places for swimming, but the greatest surprise for a person would be the lake where from October till March a big quantity of birds is over passing the winter.

Atoll Ari

On this island you can find all the conditions for water sports, such as: windsurfings, swimming with mask, water-ski, canoe, catamaran, boats renting, and banana sailing, scooter, parasailing, and there is also a diving center. In the shops on the island you can find a big diversity of souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and perfumes. On the island you can also organize a great swimming, and excursions to neighborhood islands.

Atoll Baa

Atoll Baa represents a big group of islands, ten islands are used by people, and forty one are staying untouched but human’s hands. Till nowadays “Soneva Fushi” – was the only resort on the atoll. Its dimensions are forty two kilometers in length and thirty two in width. In the resort’s conception it is a mixture of Robinson Crusoe styles and modern style. Four islands that are not touched by a person’s hand are called: Fonimagoodhoo, Kihaadhuffaru, Horubadhoo and Dhunikolhu- and they are meant for future resort’s building.


Atoll Daaloo

Forty minutes of flying the hydroplane is enough to reach Velavaru islands. Maldivian people know its place as the “Turtle Island” and in reality “vela” on the local language means turtle. This island has wonderful flora, huge palm trees and an amazing lagoon which are making Velavatu irresistible and attractive for everyone who wants to find some wild untouched nature.

Atoll Laviani

Atoll Laviani is situated one hundred twenty kilometers to the north from the Northern Male Atoll. This Atoll consists of sixty three islands, and the majority of them are concentrated on the distance of thirty kilometers around the Reefs Barrier from Selihfushi to the east and to Aligau to the south of this atoll. It is definitely one of the brightest picturesque places for diving in Maldives. Corals and altionarium, around who live different species of tropic fishes. Inside you can find swimming millions of glass fishes from the emperor of sea angels family, and also you can find a huge nanny shark and morenas.

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