Kharkov is one of the biggest cities in Ukraine

The history of Kharkov city lies in the middle of the 17th century, when Cossacks established themselves in Slobozhanschyna and since then it has been one of the biggest commercial and cultural centers in Ukraine, with a population of 1.7 million inhabitants. Kharkov is located at the confluence of the Kharkov, Lopan and Uda.
The city of Kharkov was the cradle of the Ukrainian intelligentsia. Most of the first literary works in the Ukrainian language were written in Kharkov city. Also, in Kharkov were the first performances of the Ukrainian theater. From December 1919 to June 1934 Kharkov was the capital of Soviet Ukraine. The revival of Ukrainian culture began in 1920-1930.
Kharkov – is the largest city in eastern Ukraine, with a population of around a million and a half people. The city’s area is 310 km2.
Since Kharkiv is one of the main industrial and scientific centers of Ukraine, this is where a lot of scientific discoveries that led to a revolution in technology were made. The modern image of the architecture of Kharkov city was formed during the three centuries under the influence of various factors of life, habits and traditions of the Ukrainian and neighboring nations. The city has its charm – narrow streets with old buildings of different architectural styles and small courtyards in the city center, most impressive main square, majestic cathedrals and small churches. The Kharkov map shows all the best sights which you can visit. It sure will help you a great lot.
Of the same interest is the subway stations which you can see on the Kharkov map, many of which can be regarded as works of art. In Kharkov, there are six outstanding professional theater, circus, several museums and many libraries. Kharkov is well landscaped city in its territory are over a hundred parks. The local population is peaceful and hospitable. Kharkov is the safest and quietest among the big cities of Ukraine. A lot of foreigners come to Kiev for work and leisure, as well as in search of beautiful Ukrainian women.
In the city there is an industrial sector – in 2010 the total sales volume in the selling prices of enterprises amounted to 21 100 mln. (Large factories of the city – Kharkov Electrotechnical Plant, Kharkov Electromechanical Plant, Malyshev, Electrotyazhmash plant, etc.) These plants and enterprises are clearly seen on the Kharkov map.
In Kharkov there are a few universities, many institutes and colleges. That’s why to Kharkov come a hundred thousand students, and foreigners are amazed at seeing the streets with so many beautiful girls.
The transport sector is also quite high in the city since 1975, has been working underground, with a total length of 35 km. (Subway Line 3).

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