Italy is one of the most romantic and most visited countries in the world. Every corner of this country- is completely different and unique. Italy is a country that serves as a muse for painters and artists, its air has inherited the atmosphere of art and freedom. Italy is a museum country, it keeps the traditions left of the powerful Roman Empire. While you are staying in this country you get an impression that time has stopped in some weird way. That allows you to forget about the modern civilization.  While looking at the half ruined, washed with blood of thousands of gladiators, but still great Coliseum, and while looking at the posh Vatican buildings, while travelling on Venice channels or while looking at some other places of interest in Italy, you don’t feel the need to get back to the real world with its boring buildings with crazy lifestyle.

Beside uncountable quantity of monuments and leftovers of the existed a long time ago Rome antic civilization, the country has some wonderful climate conditions- beautiful, very nice and different landscapes, snowy white peaks of Alps mountains, beautiful beaches and charming north lakes.

The real Italy – means travelling around cities of an amazing beauty, rest on wonderful Sardinia beaches, unforgettable excursion tours to the Sicilia, and of course the eternal Rome.

On the all world languages the phrase “all the roads bring to Rome” became one of the most favorite phrases. Rome is the cradle of catholic faith, and it is one of the most antic cities of our planet, here it is concentrated most visited, and that is why most desirable places for a traveler.

Here were getting inspiration some famous artists, music writers of all the world nationalities, a long list of famous artists, have lived some time in Rome there they got overwhelmed by Rome’s greatness and beauty, which is completely infinite. Without any doubt the heart of Rome- its ancient wrecks – are the ruins of the existed a long time ago civilization. “The everlasting Rome is here”, this is a phrase by Herten, while he was looking at the great Coliseum, and Roman forum. Today those history monuments are representing the most visited places of interest in Italy.

Italy Pisa - Leaning Tower

Giacomo Casanova, Venice courtesans, the serenades of the gondola people-all of those things represent the heart of Italy, while Venice is considered to be as the soul of Italy, and it is the most amazing and famous city in the world. Venice- is the city built on the water, which kept its middle-aged look, the city whose crushing under the water was predicted a long time ago, but no matter what this city still exists and looks wonderful. Its narrow channels, sliding smoothly on them gondolas, romantically crooked bridges, castles, churches and little houses, labyrinths of narrow streets, carnivals, filled with bright colors masks- all of those things are pieces of an amazing Italian fairy tale which is called- Venice.

Venice is the famous sightseeing place in Italy, which was cherished by Byron, and made legend by other artists and painters, and is full of mystery and romantics.

Sea whisper, warm sunset, charming aroma of air, and light breathe of freedom- this is the Sardinia island- the most beautiful island in Italy. This island in the Mediterranean Sea haven’t lost its primary beauty, this place where were kept ancient species of animals and birds.

The sea around this Italian place of interest is clean and crystal, and it comprises all the most amazing shadows of green and blue. Also on the island you can find a few paradise corners with golden beaches and private bays.

Sicilia Island is the cradle of civilization. Sicilia- is a synonym to wonderful beaches with golden sand, to a variety of bays that are surrounded with Rocky Mountains that are simply drowning in trees and bushes of the mountain Sicilia, and that are surrounded with olive tree plantations, the endless valleys and citrus gardens.

And of course the main island in Italy- is also one of the most powerful volcanoes in Europe; it’s mysterious and charming, and from time to time reminding about itself with activity Etna. Sicilia is the island of coming true myths and legends that are known all over the world.

The stone rocks are thrown here and there till nowadays on the all south coast: their Cyclops Plofehus was throwing Odyssey ships, after meeting with him in Etna’s cave: till nowadays monsters Scylla and Haribda, whom made a lot of sailor ships vanishing, are guarding the both shores of Messina flow, the one that is linking Sicilia with the Apennine peninsula.


All the Italian places of interest are interesting and various, and every person during his life dreams about visiting at least one Italian city. Italy is a country with amazingly rich history and great history that became a world’s legacy, which is really worth visiting, at least once per lifetime, especially by people whom are loving art and simple beauty. Also Rome is considered as the cradle of Latin history, and Italian language is considered to be the basis for the group of Latin languages.

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