The Hawaii Island, or so called ‘Big island of Hawaii’- is a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean, it is one of the main, though it is also one of the youngest islands, from the geological point of view, in the chain of Hawaiian Islands, which are forming the United State’s state of Hawaii. This island continues it’s growing till nowadays, so it keeps changing it shape and structure, the volcanic escapes, from Kilauea volcano, are adding some territory to its shores. The area of this territory is approximately 10432, 5 square meters, which is almost twice more than the area of all the other archipelago islands, added all together.

Its significant dimensions are allowing being in a few climatic zones at one time, so a person can experience a few completely different types of landscapes at once. This huge island from time to time is compared with a mini continent, here you can find some tropical forests, wonderful beauty of waterfalls, and also you can find deserts and even mountains full of snow. So a person is capable after having a nice swim in the warm ocean to sky, in the same day! So that is why Hawaii Island is so popular between tourists.


In the first place it is a unique Hawaiian nature, which any nature’s admirer would simply love to see, but also the island would be well appreciated not only by people who adore nature, but also by people who are dreaming to relax after the smog of the city. Here you can still find some corners that are having only birds singing and nice shores around, and it is obvious that those places were left without a person’s touch for a long time. Here are situated the highest Hawaiian peaks, such as the sleeping volcano Mauna-Loa (which if translated from Hawaiian would be a “long mountain”) and Kilauea (the active volcano) whom are entering the National park of Hawaiian volcanoes. On the eastern coast, in the Poona region, a person can admire nice sea shores, volcano craters, and the amazing view of lava which is flowing into the ocean.

In the second place Hawaii Island can offer some wonderful conditions for diving on the Kona and Kohala coasts, snorkeling, kayaking and simply fishing in the open sea.

And of course island is attracting tourists, with its great historical past! This biggest island from the huge chain of Hawaiian Islands was the place where the whole Hawaiian civilization was born. Here remained mysterious hieroglyphs and ancient temples, which are called heaius, here were born three Hawaiian kings, and the first Hawaiian king was Kamehameha the Greatest (1758-1819) he was the first person whom united a group of islands into Hawaiian Islands in 1810, by forming Hawaiian Kingdom. Hawaii have a lot of places of interest, while visiting them, a person can also visit some fisher villages and try some of the local wines. In any case a travel to Hawaii is a real trip.


While getting to tourists sea regions such as (Kailua Kona) and (Waikoloa) which are situated on the sunny beach of the western side of the Great Island, it is very easy from the international Kea hole-Kona airport. But if the main reason for visiting Hawaii is the National Park of Hawaiian volcanoes, than it would be much easier to fly first to the Hilo city which is situated in the center of the Hawaiian islands, this city is surrounded by the fields of orchids (the orchid flower is the symbol of Hawaii, here was born the tradition to put a necklace made of orchids on the each tourist whom is visiting Hawaii, and here started the women tradition of wearing flowers in their hair. And in the neighborhood cities a person might get lost in the valleys and huge gardens where grows the Australian nut tree, and in the papaya fields with juicy papaya’s.

In forty eight kilometers (about forty five minutes of riding till) the National Park of Hawaiian Volcanoes and the giant crater of Kilauea volcano- one of the most active working volcanoes on the earth, and the youngest one of Hawaiian volcanoes, it’s last activity was in 1983, and is continuing till nowadays. According to the local legends, Kilauea is considered as the place where the Madame Pele- Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes lives. In her favor a few lava forms were called, for example ‘Tears of Pele”, small lava drops, that are getting cold in the air and falling on the earth in the shape of tear, and “Pele’s hair” (those are thin parts of volcano glass- obsidian, that is formed as a result of lava flowing into the ocean and getting cold in it, in the shape of hair. Volcano gases, which are climbing from the big holes formed in the burned ground, the burned trees are the witnesses of the island’s development. You can stay under Halema’uma’u Firepot of Kilauea volcano, and admire the Pele’s play. You can even have the opportunity to walk on the long lava pipe, which was formed a few centuries ago by lava. While learning about those nature miracles, any person can get excited of every nature’s beauty seen. Also here is the place where you can see the famous lack sand, on the Kona Coast beach. After passing those black sands you will see Pu’uhonua’O Honaunau- the hard to get before Hawaiian village, where getting through all the difficulties Hawaiians could go to the priest in order to pray for their sins to be forgiven, this way they could escape the death punishment, those who passed over church’s taboo, or those who lost the battles. This place is surrounded by huge wall with the width approximately five meters, after which you can see Hawaiian houses, little old church and mausoleum of their dead kings. Today this place is a National Park, which is of a great historical value.

The calm ocean is an ideal place for swimming and kayaking, or even romantic boating, but one of the main places of interest of Kona- is the deepwater fishing for the big Pacific Blue Marlin. The bright multicolored Kailua Kona marines are always at your services. Each summer the best fishers from the whole world are coming to Kilauea Kona, for taking place in Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, on fishing the Marlines.


The big island is the capital of Hawaiian Golf, and is offering picturesque fields for playing golf which are up to different levels, and also it is a interesting thing that those golf fields, here and there you can find anywhere on the island.

The magnificent Hawaiian coffee, is highly appreciated by the coffee admirers throughout the whole world, and is considered to be as the best coffee in the world, it grows on the Mauna Loa hills and Hualapai.  Kona coffee- is the only kind of the coffee for gourmands, which is grown in the United States of America. And is highly recommended to be tried by anyone who is in love with coffee.

Moving more to the north, on the mountain peaks we can meet Hawaiian cowboys, from the “country of cowboys”, where are situated huge private ranchos and also the famous in the whole world Parker Ranch. Here the best hunting areas in the state, where you can hunt fanzines, birds, sheep’s and bears, those hunting areas are situated on the hills Mauna- Kea and Hualapai. That is why Hawaii is one of the most visited areas by tourists from the whole world. Because each person will find something interesting for itself, on this small piece of paradise.

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