Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is an exotic place with a wonderful nature, and thousands of kilometers of wonderful white sand beaches, rich coral reefs, picturesque landscapes, crystal clean rivers, nice culture and very hospitable and kind population.

State features: Dominican Republic – a republic whose capital is the ancient city – Santo Domingo. Santo- Domingo (Santo- Domingo-De-Guzman) is one of the oldest and biggest cities if the Antillean islands, which grow up on the place of destroyed by hurricane Isabel, and it is the first Spanish town on the island. Santo Domingo numbers more than three hundreds of attractions, such as: the ruins and perfectly restored ancient monuments, beautiful churches, beautiful colonial palaces, great little streets, houses and even a shady area. Be sure to take the time to view the House of Columbus. Also pay attention to the first house of Santo Domingo and the stunning Alcazar de Colon, which was built by Diego Columbus. Diego Columbus, was the son of Admiral Christopher Columbus, and was viceroy of the island. This palace-museum was built of stone in two floors; he towers over the port and has the richest collection of furniture and other objects of religious Spain from the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries. Not far from the House of Columbus is the Cathedral of St. Mary that became the first Catholic cathedral in America.


Nearby is a magnificent metropolitan park, where is a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus. It was established in honor of the discovery of America. But the most impressive buildings in this city are: the residence of the President, the National Palace, as well as an architectural ensemble of the square of Culture. It consists of the Gallery of Modern Art, the Art Theatre, National Theatre, National Library and the Museum of rights. Architecture Santo Domingo impresses with its diversity, it includes multiple styles – Creole, Arabic, Baroque and Gothic. Such a mixture makes this city quite unusual and quite unlike any other. In Santo Domingo, is a mass of various tropical parks, the Botanical Garden and Park Mirador del Sur, which are growing rare species of trees. Nightlife in the city is unusual. Here are a lot of discos, nightclubs and bars. Favorite place for festivities of all citizens is the Malecon. This quay-avenue, which spreads several kilometers along the Caribbean Sea and where grow a number of coconut palms. In the evening, here you can see a huge cross-shaped building made of white marble, which houses the mausoleum of Christopher Columbus. Population of this beautiful country is about 7.5 million people, most of whom profess Catholicism.

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Language: In the Dominican Republic, the official language is Spanish, but also everywhere in the tourist areas, English is used. Climate: The climate is subtropical in the Dominican Republic; the average annual temperature is 25-29 degrees. Best time to rest from December to May. Currency: The Dominican peso in circulation (the name of their currencies). 1 $ = 28 pesos. History of the Dominican Republic:  One day, the famous explorer Christopher Columbus went in cruise in order to find India. But unexpectedly he achieved remarkably beautiful place. The island, which was later, named La Espanola, where lived approximately six hundred of thousands of people, and also an Indian tribe. Christopher Columbus left on the island thirty nine people for the construction of the fort, while he went back to tell the Queen about his discovery. He was considering this land as the most beautiful one in the world, the most beautiful a human being leg has ever stepped on. And nowadays it is one of the most highly developing resort regions in the region of Caribbean Sea, and this place every year is greeting hundreds of thousands of tourists. After returning a year later, Columbus saw only ruins left from the fort and could not find one of his men left here. Probably could not coexist peacefully with the Indians. Since then the process of destroying the local tribes has begun. For just over a decade the local population has decreased by eighty percent this was due to the fact that the Indians had no immunity from diseases brought by foreigners.  Later, when the western part of the island landed the French, this gorgeous island, was divided between two countries, Spain and France.


In the year one thousand eight hundred four, at the date of first January the territory that was belonging to France, was named the Republic of Haiti. Haitians have r tried to capture some of the island, owned by a Spaniard, but all their attempts were futile, and in the year one thousand eight hundred forty four, this island was finally divided into two parts. One part of the island, referring to the Spaniards was declared the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a peaceful, beautiful country with beautiful, always smiling residents and the tourism development. Wonderful country, its culture, traditions, and of course the spectacular nature will not leave you indifferent.

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