“It is the most beautiful land, any human being eyes had ever seen”- those were the first words that Christopher Columbus has said when he, the first European person, has landed on Cuba five hundred years ago.  “Wonderful Havana” – this is the way how nowadays the Cubans are calling their capital.

In Havana there are a lot of antic fortresses such as Castillo-del-Morro (which was built in the seventeenth century, Castillo de la Punta, the Prado avenue is the monument of the old Havana architecture, the Art Castle, the museum with poverty fighting, Havana museum, national museum, colonial and anthropological museum, Saint Claire monastery (which was found in one thousand six hundred forty forth year, La Cahnia and La Forsa fortresses (1565-1583). It is completely necessary to visit the “Unsined Pregnancy” main cathedral (which was found in one thousand six hundred fifty sixth year, the house- museum of Ernest Hemingway, Historical Guanabokoa museum and the biggest in America Zoo.


In the old Havana on the Gun square (which is called “Plasa-De-Arms” are kept till nowadays the building where was the castle of the ex head of the country, and not far away it is situated the Cathedral square, which is called “ Playa-vu- Catedrali”.  On the Vedado coast, in the new part of Havana and around the Malekon Street (it is a favorite place for walking and traditional February carnivals), also in this part are situated hotels with an extraordinary service, at anyone’s taste, and of course here are the best beaches. “Hose Marti”- to the east from Havana, in the Tarara region, is the place where was built a pioneer town which consisted of five pioneer camps, where twenty one thousands of children can live all together at the same time.

It is an entire town with schools, medical institutions, sportive complexes, castle of culture. The beaches of this complex are longing till eleventh kilometers.


Real Forsa Fortress

Varadero is one of the best resorts in the Western part of the world, and it is situated on the Ikakos peninsula, in one hundred thirty kilometers to the north of Havana. On the distance of twenty kilometers, one after another are wonderful beaches with white thinnest sand and amazingly blue sea water, here are lots of comfortable hotels.  The Varadero beaches are one of three best world beaches. Varadero neighborhood is quite picturesque, here are a lot of interesting places to see, such as Ambrosia cave with paintings on the rock, Varadero national park and some interesting excursions will allow you to do it, for the people who love active rest here are also created twenty three diving centers. On the farer part of Varadero on the territory of a huge like there is a dolphinarium. Also in Varadero there is an international airport where all the charter flights from Europe arrive.

“Soroa” is a tourist center which is situated in ninety five kilometers to the west of Havana, in the nice and picturesque hills area. On its territory is situated the famous flower station where some new and different species of orchids are being created, the number of those flowers there is more than four thousands species, of those unique by beauty and kind exotic tropical flowers. This is the second flower orangery in the world; the first one is United States of America, in Boston.

cuba cigar


Kayo Coco and Kayo Guillermo are two islands that are situated on the distance of one hour flying from Varadero and two hours flying from Havana, which are connected between each other with a road and bridge with Cuba. The islands began building tourist resorts on its area not a long time ago. The wonderful white sand beaches, the emerald water color and practically all the time clear sky, not to mention the quality service in the hotels are the main components of rest here.

Olga’s or Emerald coast (Playa Esmeralda) is situated in one hour and a half of flight from Havana. Local hotels are drowning in the tropical green plants, while the sandy beaches are up to the highest world standards. Here are situated more than one hundred of beaches, a lot of caves, rivers, falls, and mud baths.

Guam tourist center is situated in the Hague- Grande region, where it is situated the biggest lake in Cuba- Lagoon –Del- Tesoro. There are a lot of big fishes in this lake that is why fishing is so important here.  Also besides fishes there are crocodiles, turtles, and manhuari fishes. Some of tourists if they wish can visit crocodile nursery if they wish to.  On the islands that are connected by the bridges made of ropes, where settled some very comfortable “cabanas’- which are little houses that are built on stairs, by the old design of Indian Taine tribe.

In the Santiago-De- Cuba City it is situated Castillo-Del-Moro fortress- the only museum of pirate history in the world. Also in the city there are situated two theaters, seven museums, conservatorium, university and a lot of cinemas, but the main thing is that Santiago-De-Cuba is famous around the whole country due to its carnivals. Usually they are taking place in the second part of July and differ with some special brightness and melody.

Gran-Pedro- is a tourist center that is situated on the height of one thousand one hundred twenty eight meters above the sea level, in thirty four kilometers from Santiago-De-Cuba. Due to the picturesque nature and wonderful climate Gran Pedro has become a very popular resort.  Nearby it is situated the laboratory of Cuba’s Meteorological Institution and a flower farm.

One of the most beautiful places in Cuba is – Hoventwood Island. In the waters that are situated nearby Hoventwood, there are a lot of fishes that are of a great interest for sportive and amateur fishing.  On the island there are a lot of wonderful beaches, bays, on those shores where built some first class hotels and tourist cities. On the northern coast it is situated the famous beach with the black sand. Also it is interesting to see the natural zones such as El- Cabot and Coupelle.

Also one very important thing about Cuba, probably it is the first thing that comes on people’s minds when they talk about Cuba- those are Cuban cigars, they are highly appreciated due to its quality and taste, the most famous cigar brands are: “Partagas”, “ Montecristo”, “H. Upman”, “Romeo y Julieta”, “Trinidad”.

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