Barbados is among the most developed countries in the world; its economy is based on tourism. Each year this none significant state is visited by five hundreds of thousands of tourists, which are attracted by the wonderful climate, clean sandy beaches and the beauty of pink reefs.  Barbados is a member of Commonwealth, which was built on voluntary basis between independent sovereign countries, Great Britain and all its ex dominions are the part of Commonwealth as well. The members of Commonwealth are implementing their own inside and outside the borders of the country policy, and have their own laws. The only common factor that is uniting those countries (beside the colonial past) is the British queen- which is the head of Commonwealth (nowadays it is Queen Elizabeth).


Barbados is an island which is situated in the center of America, which has an island with the same name in the group of Small Antillean islands (Atlantic Ocean). Its plain territory with small hills in the center was formed by reef deposits. It highest peak is Mount –Hillaby (336 meters).On the south and west coasts of the island, there is a line of sandy beaches. The other part of the coast is hardly available due to the coral reefs. People who live on this island are using mostly underground waters, because they are experiencing lack of regular water flows. Karst deposits are widespread on Barbados; an example of this kind of deposits is the Coulls hill cave.

Barbados has a subequatorial climate, and the climate is quite humid. During to the season of rains which lasts from June to October, and it is 1500 mm above the sea level, and the average temperature during the year varies from 23 to 26 C.  Above the Antillean archipelago, especially from June to November, tropical cyclones are quite often.


The flora on Barbados is not very rich. Coconut palms and red tree are the most widespread species, and there are no forests on this territory at all. Barbados is a real kingdom of birds; here you can find more than one hundred of different species. And near the costs near the coral reefs, there are a variety of fish species, among them you can even find flying fish – it is called this way due to the long fins which are giving her the capacity to fly above water.

Barbados Island was discovered by Portuguese people in the beginning of the sixteen century. Since 1652, a lot of English people settled down here, turning Barbados into a huge strong fortress – on the coast were twenty six different forts, which were armed by strong artillery. In the eastern part of the island you can find the Sam Lord Castle, which a long time ago was the shelter for corsairs, it was built in 1820 by a famous pirate Samuel Hold Lordy, this shelter was designed in the traditional English style. Today inside this shelter was made a museum and luxury hotel. Since 1966 Barbados is considered as an independent state, member of Commonwealth. Its capital is Bridgetown (the population of this small city is about eight thousands of people) and is situated in the south-western part of the Barbados Island.


Barbados is one of the world’s countries where the development grows in a high dynamics. A significant role plays the petroleum and natural gases extraction. Lately, the petroleum chemistry is developing very fast, also electronics and light industry (clothes and garments), also food industry (reed sugar and Rome). About eighty percent of arable ground is used for manufacturing reed sugar. But significant revenue to the country brings tourism of course; most of all tourists come from United States of America, Canada, Germany and Great Britain of course. Barbados can offer the best hotels on the whole Antillean archipelago. The majority of hotels are situated on the southern and western coasts, and also in the capital of the country. But to be more sincere, the whole economy of Barbados, is mostly oriented on providing tourist services- this island can offer hotels that are up to the highest international standards, the beaches are clean and nice, local transport is circulating conform to a stipulated order, by all means it is a traditional example of British order in all spheres, which is not typical for the Caribbean countries, that is why tourists from all the parts of the world are so attracted to Barbados.

On the island you can still find some examples of old British colonial type of buildings- today they are most popular among tourists whom are visiting Barbados. Also a few churches of the seventeenth century, are reminding of the old British colonial times. Also there is a neo gothic Cathedral (1655-1789) on the territory of the island. But the main attraction of Barbados is of course its beaches, which have a look of heaven of earth, and is said, that this island has a “touch of God” on it.

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