Bahamas enter the group of the most popular, but at the same time most expensive group of islands that is why not everyone can afford resting in this exquisite miracle of the world. It’s wonderful climate, its exotic flora and wonderful conditions for rest, are attracting tourists from all the parts of the world, during the whole year.

Its main places of interest are the old water tower, which is 40 meters high; from the top of it there is a wonderful view upon the whole city and upon the queen Victoria’s ladder, which was made inside a rock.

Nassau is the capital of archipelago, and is situated on the New Providence Island. The city is very modern by all means, and it comprises ultramodern buildings along with old colonial architectural samples.


In the capital there is a main street-Bay street, which is a necessity to visit for all the tourists whom are shopaholics. This street has a lot of stores and boutiques with very reasonable prices. Though on the local market, which is called straw market you can find a lot of handmade masterpieces, and the most wonderful thing about that  is that those masterpieces can be created right on the working place in front of the customer. In the western part of the town, not far away from the Straw Market, in the old auction building, you can find the Pompeii museum. As one of the most antic buildings from this city, the museum owns a massive collection of documents and historical exhibits, which are tracing the history of slavery period on the island.

paradise island bahamas

Bahamas are considered as the symbol of luxury. And one of the proves of it is considered the artificially made Aravak Kay island, which is united with another island Silver Bay with a bridge, on this island you can find the famous and most known sight of Bahamas- Crystal Kay Marine Park aquarium. It is situated on the 16th acres territory complex, with five artificial lagoons and huge water pool, with local species of underwater fauna, and which ends with a underwater tunnel with crystal water, underwater observatory and thirty meters tower, from which you can see the whole panoramic of Nassau harbor.

Bahamas is the place where everything ever dreamed of comes true. It is heaven on Earth, where we the sin people are trying all the tempting fruits.

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